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Our Philosophy

The Internet and the rise of social media have made nearly everything possible online, and have quickly become the lifeblood of every brand’s marketing strategy. EPK Media aims to revolutionize content creation for businesses and brands, while representing a movement of social awareness and change in the digital era.

While digital channels have risen in importance over the past years, the connection between social media success and online sales has never been clearer. Social channels need to be at the forefront of marketing efforts; brands can cultivate meaningful relationships with their audience, and have the opportunity to collect insights about the content their customers crave. It is necessary to understand the target audience and optimize content that will resonate across e-commerce and marketing objectives, by harnessing your social media and ensuring rapid and sustainable growth.

Powered by creative solutions that scale quality, we help to equip you with the real value of content creation to thrive in the digital world.

What We Do

Once you have developed your brand positioning and messaging, you need to be consistent with your brand identity. Our team of digital strategists and creatives – who have in-depth knowledge and years of experience in creating brand strategy, online marketing, design, and web and software development – works hard to ensure that your brand is cohesive and consistent in the digital space to build recognition, trust, and credibility.

Digital Marketing

The social media playbook changes every day. But in essence, what matters most? The values of a brand’s DNA. The complexities of channels, mediums, and audiences present a powerful opportunity for businesses to understand their target audience and what they are passionate about, and optimize every piece of content they put in front of them. We know how to do it right and can create brand guidelines just for you.

Web Development

Success is about consistency. Staying consistent at anything in life requires proper preparation, active experimentation, and commitment. Our social media management package includes the design and development of your new website. Upon establishing a clear brand identity, your social accounts should be consistent with your company website, too. We can view, plan, manage, and analyze social media activity, and understand the impact of that activity on your website.

Meet The Founders

Vanessa Ferrelli

Kristina Villarini

Our Client Roster

We have created unique and original brand identities that showcase the best aspects of each one of our clients.

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