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Working in tandem with your social media, your website has to embody the overall brand voice in order to create compelling content on a regular basis that can keep your website fresh and your website traffic fresher. While managing the growth of your social media accounts, EPK Media will design and develop your new website free of charge – we understand the importance of creating an online presence and that a website should be a place where you will be able to nurture various bottom-funnel leads.

What We Do

The more creative and cohesive your brand identity is, the more effective it is for people to understand and connect with your company. Your social media presence and website are the foundation of your brand in the digital world. We develop high-quality websites with some of the finest designs that render well across multiple devices and search engines to significantly enhance your online presence.


Thanks to its simplicity and robust plug-in and theme ecosystems, WordPress is the world’s most popular site builder with the opportunity to tweak it to your requirements with no limitation.


Considered the king of e-commerce platforms, Shopify is about a lot more than just selling online; it provides a stable medium to help owners focus on increasing sales.


BigCommerce provides businesses of all sizes integrated e-commerce solutions and the tools they need to serve their customers.


We have built a website for Freedom For All Diagnostics, a manufacturer and distributor of rapid test kits, using WordPress. While utilizing the content management system and application development framework, we have integrated the website with other ecosystems, which makes WordPress the most adaptable platform for building websites.

As we have created and managed posts, bolstered search traffic, and syndicated content directly, we’ve been able to power Freedom For All Diagnostics’ whole marketing strategy with a handful of plug-ins and integrations.

Considering Freedom For All Diagnostics’ necessities and preferences, the e-commerce store with a membership service has been designed to have a clear, consistent message across all channels – and consumers would be informed of price, products offered, availability of products, customer service, and location of business. While it’s important for brands to tailor their messaging to fit each consumer based on their individual needs, it’s equally important to deliver that message to the consumer at the place where they are spending time at any given moment. Especially when you have an affiliate revenue model in addition to products and services, this would be the best choice.


The CIVILIAN Magazine website has been built on an ecosystem of products, partners, sales channels, and apps that Shopify offers to help the brand sell online and establish direct relationships with customers. The e-commerce storefront with a safe, secure and seamless processing system has been known for a fast load time, the convenience of one-click selling, multi-channel and social selling, and multiple payment options.

With CIVILIAN’s clearly defined demo and international audience, the website has been a vital destination utilizing content marketing, social media, retargeting, and influencer marketing – allowing for a chance of sending them qualified traffic and customers to sell both online and offline.

Furthermore, its customized font, navigation, and layout have enabled CIVILIAN to fit their consistent branding across all channels.


We have used BigCommerce to build the GoBatery website that can facilitate both B2B and B2C transactions with simplicity and ease of use, as the software-as-a-service (SaaS) e-commerce platform has provided enterprise-grade functionality and customization.

The website has not only offered stylish design, shopping cart, and payment processing features, but has also empowered GoBatery to innovate and grow their brand online, by building scalable, content- and experience-driven digital commerce experiences through headless deployments.

Flexible, scalable, and SEO-friendly, GoBatery’s branded e-commerce store has utilized cross-channel connections to regular online marketplaces, social networks, and offline POS (point-of-sale) systems – the trend toward multi-channel selling has gotten a healthy dose of battery power.

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